12V600Ahlithium battery

Serial Number:12V600Ahlithium battery
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product description:

The battery system is the use of high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries.Installation of hardware and software dual safe and efficient protection measures,From the inside to the outside work fine, reasonable structure,The battery system can effectively charge and discharge the battery pack for real-time monitoring and protection Real-time monitoring and protection,Charge and discharge protection temperature is set independently To prevent any battery in the battery pack overcharge, over discharge caused by damage,And can control the battery charge, discharge current,Ensure that the battery pack and load are not damaged;To ensure that in the event of a short circuit failure when the output off and automatic balance of the application of the battery pack at any time in the best condition.


Product electrical performance indicators  nominal voltage(V): 12.8 nominal capacity(Ah): 600Output current(A): 120 or less Output voltage range(V): 10.0-14.4 standard Charging voltage(V): 14.4±0.2 Standard charge current (A): 80±5 Overcharge protection(V): Any string of voltage higher than3.65±0.05 Over-discharge protection(V): Any string of voltage below2.50±0.05 Discharge over current protection(A): The first level: 120A for 5 seconds; the second level: 200A for 1 second00ADischarge ambient temperature(℃):-20—65  Charging ambient temperature(℃) -2—50  Storage ambient temperature(℃):5—45 Humidity range: ≤50% Output plug type interface definition: Output positive and negative lead ends with 200A round terminalsCommunication Interface:yes Maintenance interface:yes LCD display:yes Bluetooth:yes size:(mm 510*375*300 weight(kg):≤75 Type of packaging material:Sheet metal shell color:blackWire exposed length(mm): 600 others :The new battery pack shows the amount of power is random, need to go through at least one complete charge and discharge cycle after the accurate(Charging: Charge to battery pack for automatic protection,Discharge: Discharge to battery pack for automatic protection)。  

Protection board performance indicators

Overcharge protection Overcharge detection voltage :3.65±0.05V Overcharge detection delay time :1000±300mS Overcharge recovery voltage :3.40±0.05V

Over-discharge protection Over discharge detection voltage: 2.50±0.05V Over discharge detection delay time: 1000±300ms Over discharge recovery voltage: 3.0±0.05V

Over current protection Over current protection current: 120A Charge over current detection delay time: 2000ms Discharge over current protection: 150/200A Discharge over current detection delay time: 5000/1000

Short circuit protection Protection conditions:Discharge short circuit Detection delay time: 150-500us Protection release condition: Disconnect the short circuit

Temperature protection Charge high temperature protection: 55℃ Charge high temperature protection restore: 50℃ Charging low temperature protection: -2℃ Charging low temperature protection restore: 2℃ Discharge high temperature protection: 65℃ Discharge high temperature protection restore: 55℃ Discharge low temperature protection :-25℃ Discharge low temperature protection restore: -20℃

Internal resistance Main circuit on - state resistance V=3.65V;R≤5mΩ

Balanced mode Charging; static Start voltage 3200mV Start differential pressure 20mV Balanced current 30mA

communication UART defaultRS485      RS485

Current consumption   Working state 20mA Dormant state 100uA Deep sleep state 10uA

Battery pack maintenance rules

Battery pack factory charge capacity of 30% -80%。

Each time the battery pack is used for one month, the following checks should be made. If the fault is found, it should be excluded immediately.All kinds of fasteners bolts, nuts are loose.Whether a variety of harness with no abrasions, with or without metal wire exposed.

When the battery pack is not used for a long time, the battery pack is fully charged and the output circuit breaker is turned off.It is recommended to make a charge every March or so